Our First Author

I love LOVE, and every real expression of it.” ~ Sasha Middleton

Meet Sasha Middleton, our first author. Raised a little here and a little there, she finally decided to settle down in the American Midwest. It took courage and grit for her to finally get around to submitting her first work, but her lyricism is a thing to behold and, of course, we had to publish her.

Her lyricism, you say? Well, here’s an excerpt…

Boredom had been the order of that night for Laila, that and a bit of fear, rage, and reluctant arousal. All owed to a gaze that kept striking at her like a windstorm of grass burrs. A gaze that had clung and provoked her delicate skin until she’d felt pricked, prodded, and marked everywhere in the most indelible of ways. She’d excused herself from her stepfather, her tone prim and bright, agitated but unwilling to let Rodrigo in on her flustered state, and slowly wandered the crowded rooms of her parents’ private residence, seeking the source of that heated gaze.

~ © Sasha Middleton, House Made of Glass and Stone, Hedonism Hill Press

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