Our goal is to capture love in every form from the raw and carnal, to the sweet and sensual.

Fall in love with love with Hedonism Hill Press.

Over the top Alphas

Dominant forces of nature with a soft spot for the women they love. Always consensual. Always happily ever after.

Heroines full of Spice

No damsels in distress here. No, the women in our stories are strong alphas in their own right. They know what they want, and they go after it.

Sweethearts and Second Chances

Timing isn’t always key with love. Or is it? Sometimes, the first go around is all you need. Sometimes, though, you need second chances. Fall in love forever, the second time around.

  • Our First Author
    “I love LOVE, and every real expression of it.” ~ Sasha Middleton Meet Sasha Middleton, our first author. Raised a little here and a little there, she finally decided to settle down in the American Midwest. It took courage and grit for her to finally get around to submitting her first work, but her lyricism…